James Guttman Bio

James Guttman is the father to two children, one verbal and one non verbal. His blog aims to show that they have one difference and countless similarities.

James’s third book, The Expectant Father’s Activity Book, released in September 2020, is an Amazon bestseller in parenting.

Prior to starting Hi Blog!, James has authored two books, been a regular on XM Radio, and written for a number of magazines. Listed as one of the Top Autism blogs of 2020 by Healthline.com, he has been featured on Yahoo, Autism Speaks, Love What Matters, The Mighty, and was awarded the honor of Top Parental Advice Writer of 2017 for Autism Parenting Magazine, the same year he created HiBlogImDad.com. He also hosts the podcast, aptly named Hi Pod! I’m Dad.

It’s here where JG shares stories about his family, understanding autism, life after a quintuple bypass at 35, mental health, and overall topics that he feels might resonate with others. Are you intrigued? You are? Good.

Hi, Intrigued. I’m Dad.

“He shares relatable stories about the everyday lives of his family, including good days and bad ones. Readers will find Guttman’s writing sincere, and sometimes blunt and humorous, all the while educational about what it’s like to raise children who are verbal and nonverbal.”  – Healthline.com

“James Guttman writes about parenting both of his children (one nonverbal and one nonstop verbal), self-reflection, and all that comes with fatherhood. His mix of humor and honesty aims to normalize the way people view raising a child with special needs and show that we, as parents, are all basically the same, regardless of the children” – Autism Parenting Magazine