I’m Starting a Podcast

Twice a week, since February of 2017, I have posted something about parenting, Autism, health, or positivity. Sometimes it’s just one. Sometimes it’s all four. Sometimes it’s a combination. It has been therapeutic for me in ways that I never even imagined. Today, though, is a little different. Today is less about a story and more about an announcement.

I’m starting a podcast.

Yup. The official preview of “Hi Pod! I’m Dad” is up right now on HiPodImDad.com, Spotify, and Stitcher. The first episode debuts on Friday, October 25th. I’m beyond excited, but also anxious.

Creating this blog was a scary experience for me. Up until that time, I had spoken very little about my personal life online. My son’s Autism, my daughter’s upbringing, and my overall health were all subjects that I kept close to my vest out of fear of judgment, questioning, and whatever other negatives could come with it. I was scared that just being me wasn’t good enough in the eyes of some people.

And maybe it’s not. Those people haven’t really been a factor, though. Sure, they are out there, but the vast majority of who I have heard from have been supportive, loving, and restored a lot of my faith in humanity, one comment at a time.

hpid.jpgI have seen firsthand that my unique family situation isn’t as unique as I once thought. After posting an embarrassing story about my son drinking a random stranger’s coffee cup, I was greeted by a deluge of Facebook comments recanting the same tales from across the globe. Suddenly, I didn’t feel alone. Our family was just like yours. Your family was just like ours. I found common ground with many while introducing something new to others.

Since then, people would often suggest I start a podcast that dealt with the same subjects I do here. It seemed natural. Before I started writing here, I spent fifteen years professionally writing about, well, professional wrestling. I worked for the major companies, magazines, had even had two books published about it with one even being cited in a White House memo. To say that it all feels like a lifetime ago would be an understatement.

One of the things I was most proud of from those days was my podcasts. They predated the iPhone and, with the first episode debuting in 2003, they weren’t even called podcasts yet. I interviewed wrestlers and spoke at length about the televised shows. I became friends with men and women who I once owned action figures of, experienced the phrase “never meet your heroes” with others, and had a chance to do everything I wanted to do within the industry. Before long, this dream job had just become a job. By my heart surgery in 2012, I was kind of over it.

In the years that followed, I stepped away from that world and swore “audio shows” off. Never again. They became nostalgia acts for my daughter to mock my “podcast voice” during. She did a pretty spot-on, albeit stinging, impression of me. In my mind, those days were long gone. I’m not sure what specifically caused my change of heart after my surgery of heart, but I know I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it anymore. I lost my passion.

Until this and until now.

Hi Blog! has renewed my passion for, well, everything. I have stories I want to share and people I want to share them with. I have seen how my words have helped others but, even moreso, I’ve seen how my words have built bridges for others to share and help me. I’ve never regretted anything I’ve ever written here and the support from all of you has shown me that I made the right choice. I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for giving me back that passion I had lost.

Please check out the preview, share with your friends, and listen along as “Hi Pod! I’m Dad” every Friday starting on October 25th. I’ll be stepping outside my comfort zone, but so what? That doesn’t scare me.

Nothing does. I have kids.