Writing “The Expectant Father’s Activity Book”


I announced yesterday that my new book, The Expectant Father’s Activity Book, is now available for pre-order. When I was first approached about writing it, I jumped at the chance. From the moment I heard the concept, I knew that on top of appealing to a sometimes overlooked group, it would also reach far beyond dads-to-be and grab onto everyone withing arm’s length.

I knew this because I was once an expectant father myself and I saw how foreign the entire concept felt. Growing up as child of the 1980s, I knew girls who diapered fake babies and rocked them to pretend sleep. Me? I oversaw the epic battles between the Masters of the Universe and slapped hippos on the head until they ate marbles. Raising babies was never on my radar.

Yet, here I was in my 30s, ready to care for one of my own. Nothing made sense. From the terminology to the execution, it all felt terrifying. What was I to do? Who’s Braxton Hicks? Why are naps and nappies two different things? I didn’t get it. Any of it.

What I’ve come to learn, however, is that no one does. Even those mommas-in-training who, while we were strapped with super soaker gats were cuddling a cabbage patch don’t have all the answers. Know why? Because there is no little-lady forceps kits or Rainbow Brite themed breast pumps. All of these wonderfully shocking moments are new to the women too. They’re new to everyone.

What I loved most about writing this book was that it allowed me to approach these subjects with the upturned eyebrow I had when I first learned about them. I could introduce them to new parents in a way that was humorous and non-threatening while still wedging some education in there. It was a chance to share some knowledge that I winced my way through learning without coming off like a Mr. Black.

Mr. Black was my 8th grade science teacher. He was a jerk. Sorry. Very vague reference.

I got to have fun by creating crosswords, word searches, scrambles, quizzes, Mad Libs-style things that we couldn’t call Mad Libs because there’s a copywrite on Mad Libs so forget I said that, and tons of other activities that lead you into the world of parenthood in ways that your grandmother’s baby stories never could. You don’t have to sit in horror and picture doom and gloom. You don’t have grimace over visuals that are better left un-visualized. As someone who was just as stunned as many moms-and-dads-to-be are now, I know it’s all fun and games until someone stops making it fun and games. So I made it fun and games. (excerpts below)

Intermixed within the pages are anecdotes, bizarre trivia, and my own personal stories about how to make it through the months leading up to and following the birth of a new baby. I wrote it in a way that expectant dads could use for insight, expectant moms can read for solidarity, and anyone who has ever cared for a baby can read for a trip down a diaper-filled memory lane.

I have to hand it to Callisto Media for doing an unbelievable job on putting it all together. It all came out beyond my expectations and the entire project is unlike anything I have ever come across on the market. It’s a book that, had I not written, I would have bought for myself. To pick it up and see my own name on it blows me away and fills me with a level of pride that is hard to put into words.

I said it in the pages of The Expectant Father’s Activity Book and I’ll say it here. Thank you to all of you who have read and followed  my blog, podcast, and writing through the years. Without you, this major moment never would have happened and I am grateful each day for the opportunity I have to share my thoughts with you. Please, head over to my Amazon page and pick up your own copy.  I know you won’t be disappointed.